Familia comparte electricidad con sus vecinos

Acabo de encontrar la siguiente foto en "la red social" y me ha parecido preciosa. En realidad no es que sea muy bonita, pero nos muestra un gesto solidario que puede parecer pequeño pero que es muy grande. Nos muestra cómo en momentos de crisis siempre hay alguien con generosidad e ingenio dispuesto a ayudar.


If you live have power and are surrounded by people who don't, PLEASE consider doing this also.

This makes me feel tearful. A homeowner in Hoboken, New Jersey with power put together several extension cords so that neighbors without power could charge their cell phones.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Consider the poorest person you know, and then ask whether your next action will make any difference to that person." This Hoboken family did an American version, "If I had no power, what would I want my neighbor with power to enable me to do?" It's so creative and thoughtful and in tune with the open source (everything) movement of our time. Open source electricity, done local.

I spent seven years traveling and living and writing outside the US, to 59 countries, including places like Koreagon Park, Poona, India, which is sort of like Beverly Hills, with mansions, next to absolute poverty, and I NEVER ever saw anyone do something like this.

Sometimes I'm so proud to be American - we can be the most generous and creative people in the world. And then I wonder how we can get so drawn into partisan fights that are paid for by corporations.

Why can't we all be as generous, and give power to people so they can communicate with their loved ones and colleagues?

What an amazing lesson this picture is, if we consider it carefully.Me explico, tras el paso del huracán Sandy, una familia de Nueva Jersey que aún tenía electricidad (casa rara esos días en la zona) decidió compartirla con sus vecinos para que pudieran cagar los móviles. Engancharon varias regletas a un alargador, lo colocaron en la puerta de su casa y pusieron un cartel al lado explicando que todo el que lo necesitase podía cargar sus móviles allí. 

Seguro que más de una familia con problemas para comunicarse con el exterior, pudo hacerlo gracias a este generoso vecino.

Simplemente genial.

 Foto: Alex Lightman

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